Parents Handbook

Admission Requirements and Enrollment Procedures

Orientation visit

On your child’s first day allow a little extra time to spend with your child in his/her classroom. Once in your child’s classroom, find the cubby where his/her belongings will be stored. Make sure your child is again introduced to the teachers in their classroom. Please feel free to call and check on your child during the day. Keep in mind that your child’s teacher is occupied with classroom activities, so you will not always be able to speak directly with him/her. However, the Director will convey all needed information to your child’s teacher. Be sure to tell your child when you will be returning at the end of the day. Please be prompt.

Policies and Procedures

Ages: children 1-5 years old.

Enrollment: A child will be enrolled and permitted to attend after the following items have been completed:

  • Completion of enrollment form (available from Office).
  • Current health & immunization records, which must be signed by a licensed physician and renewed at least every two years (available from your pediatrician).
  • Payment of registration & curriculum fee and first and last week/month pre-payment.
  • Signed Parent Handbook receipt.

We need records on all children no matter the length of time stayed each week. This well enable us to better understand and teach them. Each parent must notify the office of any changes of employment, address, telephone numbers, hours of work and other pertinent information about the family. Current records enable us to quickly contact parents in cases of emergency as well as to help the child adjust to any changes in his world. These records are also part of our licensing requirements.

We are concerned about the child as an individual, his needs and interests. Normally each child in a new situation goes through a period of adjustment, which may become a trying time for the child, family and staff. Please be patient and encouraging to your child.

Registration fee:

I require a non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 per child. There is a 10% tuition discount for second child.

Payment categories:

Weekly: all children in a weekly category you must pay every Friday for the upcoming week. A late fee will be applied if tuition has not been paid by the close of business on Monday. If your child ins in the full time category and misses one or more days, you are still required to pay your full weekly tuition.

Monthly: you must pay ones a month on the first of the month. You can not to change your category from week to week.


Tuition is due on Friday for the upcoming week. Payment can be made by check, money order, cash or cashiers check. Checks should be issued to Alenka Your Learning Kids Academy Inc. All payments must be handed directly to Alena Zviarovich or Roman Katrychenko. Tuition that is not paid when due can result in being dismissed.

Late charge policy:

If you weekly category payment, a 5$ late fee will be charged if your tuition is not paid in full by the Friday of before each week. If payment is not made by the following Friday your child cannot return to school.

If you monthly category payment, a 5$ late fee will be charged if your tuition is not paid in full by the 5th of each month. If payment is not made by the next 5 days , he/she cannot return to school.

Late pick up Charge:

Our staff works extremely hard providing you and your child with quality program at Alenka Your Learning Kids Academy. Please respect the fact that they have personal lives and that it is important for them to be able to go home on time, which is 6:30 p.m. Please arrange to arrive at the center early enough to allow you to gather your child’s things, to sign him/her out, and to leave the building by closing time. The overtime charge is $1.00 per minute past closing time by the clock at the front desk. Parents who are chronically late may be asked to withdraw their child from the program.

If you are going to be out of school for vacation or holidays, you have to pay your tuition in advance. Any tuition not paid regardless of attendance will be charged a late fee.

Vacations and Absences:

You are required to give 2 weeks advance notice for vacation.

Please inform the director when your child will not attend due to illness or some other events. Please advise us upon enrollment if you plan to remove your child from childcare for any length of time (i.e., the summers for school teachers, or when you are on maternity leave with another child, etc.).

After one year your child is allowed a maximum of two (2) weeks vacation each year that charges won’t be paid.

Sick Days:

We have made many investments to our Childcare in an effort to offer a more professional environment for you and a warm, friendly, educational environment for your child. With these improvements monthly expenses accrue regardless if you child attends or is absent. To cover these costs, we will charge a full month`s tuition if your child attends the childcare any portion of the week. When your child is unable to attend due to illness, please call the preschool (407)910-7351 as early as possible as to the nature of the illness. Teachers can better plan for the day if they know a child will be absent or will be late. It is our expectation that children will go outside every day. If you feel your child is too sick to go outside then he/she is too sick to be at the preschool. Alenka Academy requests that you keep him/her at home until the child is well enough to go outside.


We require that you give the center a written two-week notice (intent to quit form) before withdrawing your child. We reserve the right to terminate a child for the following reasons (but not limited to):

  • Failure to pay
  • Routinely late picking up your child
  • Failure to complete the required forms
  • Lack of parental cooperation
  • Failure of child to adjust to the center after a reasonable amount of time
  • Physical or verbal abuse of any person or property
  • Our inability to meet the child’s needs
  • Lack of compliance with handbook regulations
  • Serious illness of child
  • Constant friction/disagreement over care Anyone who terminates or is terminated from the daycare and has a balance that is outstanding will need to have the account settled within 15 days.

Business Practices:

Parent Parking and drop-off/pick-up

When dropping off or picking up your child, please park in one of the designated spots. Please enter the building through the front door only. Safely walk your child to his/her classroom; please sign him/her in with a full signature. If you are dropping a carpool child, please accompany him/her to the right classroom, and sign them in as well. If you are dropping off later 9:30 a.m., please be sure your child has eaten breakfast. With the tight schedule we must keep, it is impossible to feed one child while the others have moved on to another activity. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

and Sign-Out and Attendance Policies:

Parents are required to sign in their child with a complete signature when arriving and sign out when departing on a daily basis. Children will be released only to adults over the age of 18 authorized on their Enrollment Application. Written parent permission must be obtained before releasing the child to an adult not previously authorized. Proof of identity will be required for all authorized pick-ups. We will not release your child to any person without your written permission or a confirmed telephone call in the case of an emergency. The person picking up your child must have identification. Children are not permitted to sign themselves in or out of Alenka Academy. Anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol arriving at child care to pick up a child will be asked to call someone else to pick up that child. If a person leaves with a child while they appear to be under the influence, we will call 911.

Items Brought from Home Items to Bring From Home:

Please label everything you bring. We can not be responsible for any items that are not clearly marked with the child’s name.

Each child has his/her own cubby for supplies.

One compete set of changing clothes including underwear, socks (labeled).

Velcro running shoes, which cover the whole foot Indoor shoes or slippers.

One’s-two’s: (if not potty trained) will need one seasonable and size appropriate change of clothing, disposable, side closing pull ups and plastic bag for wet or soiled clothing during potty-training, more clothes may be needed.

Personal Belongings and Toys Parents are asked not to allow their children to bring toys and other personal items from home as these items are easily misplaced or broken and frequently become sources of conflict among children. Small, thin blankets and soft toys for naptime are the only exception. Also, candy, gum, money, guns, weapons, noisy/musical toys or actions toys (anything to do with superheroes) are not allowed at school.



Children must come to school in clothes that are comfortable, and easy to remove by the child for toileting purposes. Hence, long dresses, overalls, pants/shorts with zippers, buttons, and belts are not acceptable wear at preschool, since removing these may take longer to get to the potty. This would result in your child having an “accident” in his/her pants, which can be embarrassing. Please have your child practice at home to pull down and pull up his/her underwear, shorts or pants. Children also need to bring indoor shoes to wear with socks and Velcro shoes to wear outside. Each child must be able to put on and take off independently his/her shoes and slippers. So please practice this with your child at home. These Velcro shoes need to be the right size for your child and should cover the entire foot for safety reasons; sandals, thongs, heeled shoes etc are not acceptable for outside play. Children also need to be wearing full sleeved shirts and tops with an undershirt as the weather gets cooler. Shirts, pants and jackets with drawstrings or capes that tie around the neck are NOT allowed! Children cannot have long articles of jewelry or sharp-edged accessories such as hair clips and rubber bands which can be a choking hazard. In the cool season here in Florida, please provide a jacket. In the summer, provide light clothing, a hat and sunscreen. Alenka Academy will not be responsible for lost items!


We are closed during the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day and Day before – December 31, January 1st
  • George Washington’s Birthday (commonly known as Presidents Day)  – February 18th
  • Independence Day – Thursday, July 4th  + 1 day
  • Labor Day – September 2nd
  • Columbus Day – Monday, October 14th   (teacher conference)
  • Thanksgiving Day 2 days– Thursday, November 25th
  • Christmas Day and day following – December 24th + 1 day
  • *Tuition will not be prorated on a holiday week or in the event we are closed to inclement weather.

*Tuition will not be prorated on a holiday week or in the event we are closed to inclement weather.

Meals and Snacks:

Please notify us in writing if your child has any allergies or diet restrictions. We provide fresh prepared well balanced organic meals 4 times per day which includes:

  • Breakfast – 9:00 (if your child arrives after 9:30, please be sure he/she has eaten)
  • Lunch – 12:00
  • Afternoon snack “poldnick” – 15:30
  • Dinner – 17:00.